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Everything Remains Raw, Documentary by Moncell Durden, Now Streaming Online.

We are very excited to announce that Moncell Durden has publicly released his dance documentary, “Everything Remains Raw” for streaming online. The film was in a work-in-progress state for 10+ years, only previewing the latest cuts and edits at various events and panels.

Bay Area Dancers Featured In Kendrick Lamar Music Video

Kendrick Lamar recently released his music video for his song, “Alright” off his album, To Pimp A Butterfly. One of the locations filmed in San Francisco, California where you will see a few of our local Turfers and Poppers getting down. Here is an list compiled by Bay Area popper Agatron, one of the dancers […]

Sayaw Kalsada | History of Street Dance in the Philippines

Pioneer Street Dancer of the Philippines, Ricky Carranza is putting together a documentary revolving around the history of street dance in the Philippines! Titled, Sayaw Kalsada, it tells the untold story of many old school pioneer street dancers of the Philippines as well as the new generation. Very excited for this film! Please support by […]

BRS, Strutter’s Room, and PT-3000 Documentaries Released Online

If you’re from the Bay, chances are you’ve at least heard of the BRS Alliance, our street dance pioneers of the Bay Area in Boogaloo, Roboting, and Strutting. They’ve released a few DVD documentaries a couple of years back that were available for purchase only in DVD format. But if you haven’t had a chance […]

Everything Remains Raw: A Historic Lineage of Hip-Hop Dance, Kickstarter

This film by E. Moncell Durden investigates the cultural and historical lineage of American social dance practices from the 1600s to 2013. Funding is needed to cover music clearances, production costs, etc! One Cypher supports this kickstarter! You should too!

Nabi Tablet Commercial ft. Dance Crew: “The Art of Teknique”

Kida, Juju Beats, and Gavin of Sacramento dance crew, The Art of Teknique featured in this commercial, “It’s Mine!” for an Android Tablet for kids, called The Nabi. Shout out to these kids for making a lot of noise in the dance community. If you haven’t seen these kids perform as a crew before, look […]

Dancing City: Johannesburg Documentary Trailer

I was at Nikodemus’s (Machine Gone Funk) event over the weekend and saw this video playing on the screen and was really amazed. Here’s the clip of crew from Johannesburg in South Africa called Skeleton Pantsula. Flexin’, footwork, some waving, and hat tricks, you can’t really categorize what these guys are doing. They are just […]

Spike Lee’s “Bad 25”, Michael Jackson Documentary

Incase you missed Spike Lee’s Michael Jackson Documentary “Bad 25” over Thanksgiving weekend, here is the full movie streaming on Hulu. Check it out while it’s still available!

The Robotters' Room Trailer

Film Director Brad Carr, along with Dance Artist/Choreographer Ralph “Plik Plok” Montejo delve into the history of the “Robot Dance” culture in the Northern Bay Area’s City of Richmond, California USA

Waack To The Future: Bay Area Dance Documentary

Funk’d Up TV’s short documentary on the latest punkin’/ waacking dance movement in the Bay Area. Features Tiffany “Jimini” Bong’s 6 days Waacking/ Punkin’ Intensive Workshop and SOULyztik Community Dance Jam.

Classic Vogue Documentary: Paris is Burning

If you haven’t seen it already, check out this Vogue documentary. Classic, featuring the late Willi Ninja.

Interview with FreestyleDance.com's Jason Ulysses aka Avant-Garde.

Previously known as Avant-Garde, Jason gives us a little feedback on the dance scene then and now.

Interview with Barry Rabkin, Founder of Online Video Store, CypherStyles.com

Barry gives us some insight on how he created his online business.

Everything Remains Raw – Dance Documentary by Moncell Durden

One of the best dance documentaries on street dance by far. To be released soon!

Interview with OG Hip-Hop Dancer, Legendary of the Soul Brothers

Legendary talks about his recently produced Hip-Hop dance documentary, Suns of James Brown