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What Is House Dance? Coflo’s Response On How To House Dance Videos

Here is a great video by the Bay Area’s own, Coflo of Circle Of Fire, Soul Shifters, and Catch The Ghost Records. This one is his personal response on the many “How To House Dance” videos that are out there. Particularly how he feels about good ones, bad ones, legitimacy, positives and negatives, etc. What […]


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This site is dedicated to anything and everything that is Street Dance. Browse through great dance Interviews, Articles, and check out our Archive section. Use our Calendar for dance class schedules for all styles, or check out when the next event or battle is. Learn a little bit more about other dance styles in the History section as we continue to gather EVERYONE's story in the beautiful culture we call DANCE! There are also plenty of videos and photos from past and present events. Majority of the posts revolve around our hometown in the Bay Area, but we occasionally include news updates on global events as well. Enjoy!

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