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Dance History: Hip-Hop Dance (Mid 80’s – Now)

A brief summary of Hip-Hop Dance in it’s rawest form, from the Golden Era of Hip-Hop to the adaptation to today’s music.

Dance History: What is House Dance?

Brief background on the origins of House Dance

Dance History: What is Jazz Rock?

Check out this footwork style out of France. Reminiscent of James Brown footwork and done primarily to funk music.

Dance History: UK Jazz Dance (Bebop/Fusion)

Originating from the UK, this is broken down into two styles, Bebop and Fusion.

A Little Dance History: B-boying

Originating from the Bronx, known to the mainstream as “Breakdancing”

A Little Dance History: Popping, Boogaloo, Robot, Strutting, Fillmore, etc

A breakdown of contributions from various dancers on the styles mentioned above.

Dance History: What is Locking?

Stemming from the early Soul Dances of the late 60s/70s, learn more about this dance created by Don “Campbellock” Campbell.

Dance History: Original Style Jazz Dance

Some background on original style Jazz Dance of the 1920s-30s

Dance History: What is Punking / Waacking?

The style is feminine, yet it is strong, learn about the dance style known as Punking / Waacking