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Everything Remains Raw, Documentary by Moncell Durden, Now Streaming Online.

We are very excited to announce that Moncell Durden has publicly released his dance documentary, “Everything Remains Raw” for streaming online. The film was in a work-in-progress state for 10+ years, only previewing the latest cuts and edits at various events and panels.

Dance History: Hip-Hop Dance (Mid 80’s – Now)

A brief summary of Hip-Hop Dance in it’s rawest form, from the Golden Era of Hip-Hop to the adaptation to today’s music.

Dance History: What is House Dance?

Brief background on the origins of House Dance

Dance History: What is Jazz Rock?

Check out this footwork style out of France. Reminiscent of James Brown footwork and done primarily to funk music.

Dance History: UK Jazz Dance (Bebop/Fusion)

Originating from the UK, this is broken down into two styles, Bebop and Fusion.

A Little Dance History: B-boying

Originating from the Bronx, known to the mainstream as “Breakdancing”

A Little Dance History: Popping, Boogaloo, Robot, Strutting, Fillmore, etc

A breakdown of contributions from various dancers on the styles mentioned above.

Dance History: What is Locking?

Stemming from the early Soul Dances of the late 60s/70s, learn more about this dance created by Don “Campbellock” Campbell.

Dance History: Original Style Jazz Dance

Some background on original style Jazz Dance of the 1920s-30s

Dance History: What is Punking / Waacking?

The style is feminine, yet it is strong, learn about the dance style known as Punking / Waacking