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Playboyz Inc. | Barbershop Getdown

Check out this new getdown video by San Jose’s very own popping/strutting group, Playboyz Inc. RAW!

Rest In Peace, Mr. Animation, West Coast Popping Pioneer

We would like to send our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to the family and loved ones of Mr. Animation. A West Coast Popping Pioneer, one of the hardest hitters in the game, and baddest entertainers, you’ve probably seen his street shows in LA at Venice Beach, Santa Monica, or the Promenade. He died from […]

Kida Wins SYTYCD Season 13

We want to send a huge congrats to Kida for his win during this season’s So You Think You Can Dance. I remember first seeing The Art of Teknique from this video a few years ago and bugging out. You were all so much younger then. It’s been awesome to see you grow in your […]

Bay Area Dancers Featured In Kendrick Lamar Music Video

Kendrick Lamar recently released his music video for his song, “Alright” off his album, To Pimp A Butterfly. One of the locations filmed in San Francisco, California where you will see a few of our local Turfers and Poppers getting down. Here is an list compiled by Bay Area popper Agatron, one of the dancers […]

Salah vs Greenteck: UK Bboy Championships 2014 Popping Semi-Finals

Two totally different styles. Super heated battle! Who do you think took this?

Oakland Boogaloo Conservatory Interview pt II

Bryce Hill interviews three members of the Black Messengers Chuck Powel, Steve Harris and Kearney Mayers at the Port of Oakland. Part 2.

Interview with Black Messengers, Chuck Powell and Steve Harris.

Check out this great interview on Bay Area history. Conducted by Bryce Hill aka Playboy Stix of Playboyz Inc., interviewing two members of the Black Messengers Chuck Powell and Steve Harris at the Oakland Museum. Dope gems dropped in this interview.

Sayaw Kalsada | History of Street Dance in the Philippines

Pioneer Street Dancer of the Philippines, Ricky Carranza is putting together a documentary revolving around the history of street dance in the Philippines! Titled, Sayaw Kalsada, it tells the untold story of many old school pioneer street dancers of the Philippines as well as the new generation. Very excited for this film! Please support by […]

Brian Green Showcase OBS Vol 8

Brian Green is the epitome of an ALL-STYLES Dancer, as he demonstrates here during his Hip-Hop Judge showcase from OBS Vol 8, he takes it a little further and shows us how true dancing really done.

TURFinc 9: Ladia Yates vs Android Exhibition Battle

After coming back to judge at the TURFinc 9 event, this exhibition battle with Ladia Yates vs Android was hands down my favorite to watch. Here is a small preview of their battle. Jookin’ vs Poppin. Two different styles from two amazing dancers. The gave us a great show. If you look closely you see […]

Final Jam as Cellspace San Francisco Closing Down, Local Dancers Fundraise

Since 1998 Cellspace in San Francisco has been home to various dance events like Mighty 4, Soulidify, Momentum, Who Can Roast the most, Burning Sessions, and other well known events. Sadly Cellspace will be closing its doors for good at the end of the 2014 year, however Whacko (Forever We Rock, Illest Villains, Knuckle Neck […]

Jr. Boogaloo: Judges Showcase at Soul’f Da Street vol. 1

Jr. Boogaloo. Damn him and his crazy control!!! Keeps the whole crowd engaged, then everyone goes crazy.

BWB Khan and Moon Showcase at R-16

The title says it all. If you haven’t seen this video, you need to check this out! If you’ve already seen this video, WATCH IT AGAIN!!!

Dancing City: Johannesburg Documentary Trailer

I was at Nikodemus’s (Machine Gone Funk) event over the weekend and saw this video playing on the screen and was really amazed. Here’s the clip of crew from Johannesburg in South Africa called Skeleton Pantsula. Flexin’, footwork, some waving, and hat tricks, you can’t really categorize what these guys are doing. They are just […]

12/9 – 7th Annual Break 4 Tots Bboy Toy Drive

The Mighty Delrokz | Cloud 9 Tribe | DC Teen Services | All Tribes Presents The 7th Annual Break 4 Tots Bboy Toy Drive Cloud 9 Tribe 10 Year Anniversary All Tribes Universal Zulu Nation Anniversary Break 4 Tots serves as a break dancing competition as well as a Toy and Can food drive. Since […]

12/1 – Get Down: Urban Dance Battle

Hosted by Nikodemus (Machine Gone Funk), this Dec 1st event holds 1v1’s for Locking, Popping, and Bboying categories. This event is in support of the Bay Area and local Santa Cruz dance scenes. I’m throwing this event for the love, to share some of the best dancers around with all who come through, and to […]

Aluna George, “Your Drums, Your Love”.

Great music video by artist Aluna George to her song, “Your Drums, Your Love”. How many poppers can you name in her video? I’ll go first.. I see… Greenteck. hahah

Hip-Hop Dance Experience Video Game

Seems legit! Even Hurrikane is on the trailer (Wussup Alain! haha)! Dance video games showing real steps, real vocabulary is always a good thing. Dance games have come a long way. I remember past titles that had real street dancing in it. So exciting to see video game characters locking, waacking, and do headspins that […]

AllTheWayLive 2012: Dance Workshops

AllTheWayLive 2012: Dance Workshops with Scoo B Doo and Suga Pop. Beginning and Advanced classes in Locking and Popping! Rate the class or read reviews here.

Sat 9/1: 2nd Annual Original Boogaloo, Robotter, Strutter, Poppers Reunion BBQ

Sat 9/1: 2nd Annual Original Boogaloo, Robotter, Strutter, Poppers Reunion BBQ