One Cypher is a company based out of California with divisions in San Francisco and also Los Angeles. We focus our business towards the dance community ranging from event planning, talent booking, club parties, dance contests/battles and showcases, as well as business consulting. Our staff consists of talented individuals who are active participants in the dance community, ranging from dancers, DJs, poets, b-boys/b-girls who all share the same passion in contributing to dance culture.

Throughout the years, our website has gone through many changes, from being a dance community portal, to a dance magazine, to an urban lifestyle magazine. It was a great learning experience, and we felt very blessed that we were able to work with so many wonderful people and feature all the different talent in our past articles. But it seemed as if we started to stray away from the people who supported us the most. The dancers. Our original vision was to create a site that included helpful information on all avenues of dance to provide for those who are interested in learning more about different dance styles/cultures, community events, classes, and dance related news. Now we are back on that path, in FULL CIRCLE. (Kind of ironic isn’t it?).

Witnessing the growth of the dance community, culture, and the people has been a beautiful learning experience. So we’ve decided to use our site to blog about it! We just want to share what we are learning and hope that can learn from you as well. We will continue to update this site with dance related articles, interviews, news and plenty of media that will aim to showcase the true essence of each style, so that we can all learn and grow together. We will also list a section where you can browse through recommended dance classes of qualified teachers of each dance genre. We are also excited to include a little history section on what we’ve learned over the years. We hope this would give dancers (and especially non-dancers) the sparking interest to learn more about the background of other dance styles, and hopefully connect them to the pioneers directly.

*Note that the history section is an ongoing research. We look forward to sharing what we have learned (and still learning), but we also encourage all of you to share your knowledge with us.

We hope you enjoy!

God Bless,

Dennis Infante / Shelley Oto
One Cypher