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Where’s My Money Maaannnn?!

Just out of curiosity, when do you draw the line if you haven’t received your prize money from winning your last battle? Just something I’ve always thought about. I like to believe in professionalism and integrity. I’d like to get everyone else’s feedback on it as well. Both from a promoter’s point of view and a competitor’s point of view.

Here’s pretend scenario. Let’s say some competitors entered a jam and won. At the end of the jam, only got half of the prize money. Promoter says they will have money as soon their partner reimburses some money that had to be put up front prior to the jam. Understood. 1 month goes by, and the competitors contact the promoter to follow up. Promoter responds that they will have it next month and that they are very sorry. Fair enough. 2 months later, another text sent, and another reply received that it will be sent next month. Hmmm. Now… it’s been 8 months and no response or a courtesy check-in just to let the competitors know that it is still in the process. What do you do?

After 8 months, I’m assuming that the irritating part is not even about the money anymore, but more about the principle behind it. When you have people coming out to support your event, it should be in your best interest to keep your word as much as possible. If by chance, payment is still going to be delayed, at least contact the dancers to keep them in the loop. Because when you leave them hanging, it seems like you don’t really care if they get their prize money or not. They paid to get in, you already have their money, and it’s done. At least that’s what it is going to feel like to them.

Promoters, have you ever had to delay a payment? What were your options when you had no choice but to delay it? Did you stay in touch with the dancers? Or just let it pass and hope they forgot? What did you do to prevent burning that bridge?

Dancers, have you ever experienced this? What steps have you tried to respectfully ask for your prize money?

I’d like to hear some interesting stories you may have.


2 Responses to “Where’s My Money Maaannnn?!”

  1. Sound familiar?

    Posted by One Cypher Dance Blog | 11/13/2012, 10:22 am
  2. I’m not a promoter or a battle champ, so I never thought about it too much; I actually assumed winners had the cash in hand before going home that night. That’s a real disappointment if the event planners don’t keep their promises to the dancers who train hard, show support and make the event what it is.

    Posted by j hiro | 03/30/2010, 12:21 am

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